A new Dunnewolt D2 soil system and sorting system for House With No Steps (AU)

Dunnewolt has successfully installed a new D2 soil rail including a hoist and sorting system at the commercial laundry business of House With No Steps in Australia. House With No Steps is one of Australia’s leading disability service providers. They provide employment to over 500 people with a disability. Dunnewolt specially designed the rail system taking into account the employees with a disability. Therefor the sorting station is sunk into the ground to reach a proper working height for the employees. Now they can easily sort the soiled linen. The underground rail system transports the sorted linen to the loading hoist. The hoist - with a height of 11 meters - automatically loads the bag container and lifts the linen to the washing machine. After unloading, the empty bag container automatically returns into the hoist.

The D2 rail system includes 8 storage lines with a total capacity of approx. 6.000 kg, based on 100 bag units of 60 kg each. The D2 soil rail and sorting station are controlled by a PLC control system. The PLC system itself is equipped with a 15” color TFT display with touchscreen and control boxes, which enables easy operation.